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About Rowland Litchford Associates.

Originally a small BC, Canada, company, started by Peter Litchford in 1977.  Then called Elements  Four Management Services, the company brought a wide range of main frame and application development experience into the computer support world. 

At that time, Peter and his partner had experience with Burroughs mainframes, and mini computers from Burroughs, MAI Basic Four, DEC, TI, HP and Honeywell.  The company was active with insurance companies and brokers, providing advisory services and support.

Peter Litchford went on to design and successfully install GENIUS (a CUI based system for property/casualty companies) and AIRS (a system for brokers and agencies).

In 1984, Elements Four started Elements Four International, based in the United Kingdom.  Activities ranged from supporting insurance businesses to providing IT advice to a wider range of markets.

Early in the millennium, the firm was reorganized as Rowland Litchford Associates and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Peter Litchford now provides a broad range of services for business and industry on a contract basis.  Now taking advantage of an available pool of talent (the Associates).  Services include those outlined in our Mission Statement, as well as a range of application program products for both character and graphical user interfaces.

Special experience supports work with insurance, manufacturing, document management and imaging business systems.


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