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Get better results in your projects at lower cost.  Specialized expertise is available for a number of project possibilities.  RLA attempts to provide every client with a quality result provided through the collected experience of senior IT advisors.  The price is very reasonable and the total years of experience unparalleled in the IT industry.  Take advantage of all this value to enhance and further your project in any one of our specialty areas. (More...) [ Specialty Services Summary page ]


The extraordinary level of experience and cost effectiveness provided in our specialty areas, also is available, to ensure excellent value for money, when advice is needed.  Consultation is available to assist in equipment acquisition, software selection, software development, network design and many other IT and technology fields.  Our Associates have generally "been there, done that" in a particular IT field.  Often this level of experience is just what is needed to get a plan or project "off the dime", making much needed IT advance fact rather than wishful thinking. (More...) [ Consulting Services Summary page ]

Programming & Development

Business BASIC expertise at reasonable cost and on call to meet your needs.  RLA have worked with Basic Four versions, Providex, Open Basic, BBx and Thoroughbred.  These are NOT legacy languages. Providex/Nomads, BBx and others have fully developed language modules to work with Microsoft Windows in full Windows mode.  Providex, particularly, has web and application servers, remote clients able to use full Window capabilities and full access to most SQL data base tools. RLA can enhance or extend existing applications, create new and lead or advise existing programmers. (More...) [ Programming Services Summary page ]

IT Management

Your IT Manager quit!  What now?  RLA can provide cost effective management assistance and services for most aspects of an IT department.  Reasonable cost contract management of an existing IT departments or assistance where and when needed.  Project management when required.  Management of IT related projects on or off site.  There are some things we don't do!  Now that your curiosity is killing you, lets discuss what we can do for you.  (More...) [ IT Management Summary page ]

IT Support.

Insulate your organization from the lost time a problems of most IT system failures.  Do this at a cost whci can include a very well qualified consultant on call to advise you.  Support on demand, almost always at less that salary costs. Expand the capacity and capability of your IT staff by using RLA to assist them in difficult or high demand priods.   Infrastructure (PC and network) support, including monitoring remotely, service contracts and help desk services, all provided on an ad hoc or contract basis. Full Managed Services contracts available at very attractive rates. (More...) [ IT Support Summary page ]



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